What is a Wildcard SSL? [2023]

calendar iconJune 16, 2021

Now more than ever, organizations are understanding the importance of securing websites with SSL Certificates.
An SSL certificate is a powerful tool used to encrypt information which allows you to secure your website and help customers trust it. There is a type of certificate that allows you to secure multiple domains or subdomains with one SSL certificate, called a Wildcard.

Website owners and internet users are becoming more aware of the cybersecurity threats that might occur if a website isn’t SSL secure.

There are several types of SSL certificates that you can choose from, depending on your security needs and the number of domains you want to secure. Here are some of the most traditional ones: 

  • Single-name certificates
  • Multi-domain certificates
  • and Wildcard certificates

Let’s take a closer look at Wildcard SSL certificates and how they work:

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Let’s say you have several subdomains pertaining to the same root domain, and you are looking to secure them all.

Instead of buying and installing an SSL certificate for the main domain and each subdomain (which will cost a lot of money and time), a Wildcard certificate will provide you with a single solution to secure them all at once.

What is a Wildcard SSL certificate?

Wildcard certificates are SSL certificates with a Wildcard character (*) in the domain name field. It’s a single solution that secures the primary domain and its subdomains.

For example, it can cover www.domainname.com, as well as, associated subdomains such as mail.domainname.com, blog.domainname.com, and info.domainname.com, and so on.

With a single Wildcard certificate, you can secure as many associated subdomains as you require.

How do Wildcard SSL certificates work?

They work the same as other single-name SSL certificates, however, there’s only one difference.

The private key stored on your SSL certificate can be copied and installed to as many servers as you need, to protect the main domain and all its subdomains.

domains examples

In Conclusion

Having multiple subdomains can be very rewarding to your business, however, it’s hard to manage.

By opting to buy a Wildcard SSL certificate, you will be able to secure your root domain and all its associated subdomains, simultaneously.

It will protect your website and user’s information from data breaches, keeping your costs (money, time, and configuration headaches) low while continuing to grow.

Secure any number of subdomains and Buy a Wildcard SSL certificate or get the relevant SSL Certificate for your website now.