Microsoft 365: Everything You Need To Know About

Everything you need to know

Microsoft 365: Everything You Need To Know About

The modern workplace has evolved rapidly over the last few years as businesses cope with remote teams, complex security issues, and new business models. As a result, they need access to appropriate digital tools that support and connect employees to encourage engagement, collaboration, and productivity – irrespective of their location. 

Microsoft 365 empowers the modern workplace with a bundle of products and plans – an efficient, intelligent operating system, mission-critical security tools, and integrated productivity apps. 

You have probably already heard of Microsoft 365 for Business, consisting of workplace applications. Microsoft offers this suite of programs and various perks not offered with Office. These include artificial intelligence capabilities and cloud-based productivity tools.

Here’s more on Microsoft 365 for Business, how it differs from the previous versions, and what it offers:

What Is Microsoft 365 For Business?

Microsoft 365 is an all-inclusive productivity solution for medium and small-sized businesses. Formerly called Office 365, Microsoft 365 for Business is a subscription service that comprises Office applications (PowerPoint, Excel, Word), world-class security, and intelligent cloud services. 

It has been designed by Microsoft to protect organizations against cybersecurity threats. The capabilities of advanced capabilities enable businesses to safeguard their data seamlessly across all devices.

What Is In Microsoft 365 For Business? 

Microsoft 365 for Business comprises the following:

  • Productivity tools
  • Office 365 Apps ( Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPointand more)
  • Advanced Services – Exchange Online Archiving
  • Online Services (OneDrive, Exchange, Teams, etc.)
  • Device Management
  • Windows Operating System
  • Advanced Security
  • Office 365 Conditional Access, Advanced Threat Protection, and more 
  • External Threat Protection
  • Data leak prevention (internal) – Azure Information Protection

What Is The Difference Between Office 365 And Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 helps businesses handle the changing demands of work, giving them the tools and abilities they need to stay at the forefront of advanced technology.

It comprises all the features and functionality in Office 365 but goes further to help businesses and individuals accomplish more with innovative and cutting-edge cloud computing services and security features.

In fact, it is Microsoft’s solution to improve business communication, productivity, collaboration, and security. The Microsoft 365’s subscription allows your Business to get access to Office applications, device management, robust cloud services, and an array of vital security features.

As business needs evolve, modern organizations need to work efficiently and effectively, regardless of their location, while maintaining an optimal level of security. Microsoft 365 helps medium and small-sized businesses to address these needs affordably and as holistically as possible.

Benefits Of Microsoft 365 for Business 

Here are some benefits of ‘Microsoft 365 for Business’ plan:


Microsoft invests billions in security and protection, ensuring that they are ranked as one of the leading security providers consistently in the world. 

With more than 1 billion devices of Microsoft operating around the world and reporting back to Microsoft, the data they get about the unrivaled threat landscape. And so, this allows them to detect, respond and protect their processes in an increasingly risky landscape of IT security.


Microsoft 365 for Business offers a myriad of tools and features to augment the productivity of your workforce. There are various possibilities to facilitate businesses, irrespective of their size. In addition, you can use different applications to boost your productivity.


With Microsoft 365 for Business, you can engage and stay connected with all the team members you are working with – which is more crucial amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Meet, chat, collaborate and call, with your colleagues within a safe and unified location, no matter wherever you are.


Offices and workplaces are having to evolve and adapt quickly in the present climate. With 46% of employees working remotely, organizations depend on digital tools, like Microsoft 365 for Business, to connect with their employees and keep their operations running.

Microsoft 365 for Business Plans 

Essentially, there are four Microsoft 365 for Businesses plans for businesses like yours:

Business Basic

Business Basic plan includes Teams, cloud storage, and business email. The desktop version is not comprised of the Office applications. This basic package is perfect for organizations that don’t require access to documents and files but want to send images.

Business Standard

Business Standard offers access to business email, Teams, applications, and cloud storage. Standard also comprises some security settings but doesn’t include the device management capabilities – this is well suited to teams leveraging Chrome book or Apple devices.

Business Premium

Business Premium comprises everything – all from the Standard basic level to device management and additional security-related features. This Premium package is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses with full-time staff.

Apps For Business

Apps for Business is another offering that includes cloud storage and Office apps but doesn’t have Microsoft Teams or business email.

How Is Microsoft 365 for Businesses Useful For Your Company?

First, it is brilliant for communication. You can communicate online, have conference calls, and set up virtual meetings through the Microsoft applications. Microsoft also makes it easier to connect with your employees, stay updated and on the same page throughout the day, and more. 

Specifically, as many companies have transitioned to remote work arrangements, this is an efficient and easy way to engage and interact with your team seamlessly. 

It provides businesses with different productivity applications at a great cost. Additionally, as Microsoft 365 prices its subscriptions based on the number of users you have, it is way simpler to budget your IT spending. Also, you don’t have to pay for any hidden or additional charges when you leverage Microsoft 365 for Business. 

From a business’s standpoint, the executives should be confident that they are using the best applications available. Microsoft 365 offers automatic upgrades to make sure that your applications are consistently performing as intended. You don’t have to invest in other software for that. Instead, all your apps will be updated to the newest version automatically.

In Conclusion

Leveraging Microsoft 365 for Business is a surefire way to augment your productivity, collaboration, and more. When opting for Microsoft 365 for a Business plan, it is good to balance the organizational needs of your workforce, who will be leveraging the platform throughout the day-to-day. 

Deploy your Microsoft 365today and achieve more with your employees anywhere by modernizing your workplace.