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LDC Cuts Down FinTech Time to market by 70% with New PCI DSS Certification

February 2, 2023
Cairo, February 2nd, 2023: Link Datacenter is proud to announce that its hosting environment is now PCI DSS compliant. This new certification further heightens its hosting security standards making it possible to host FinTech companies that store and process credit card information. The new security milestone will also facilitate the compliance of the FinTech companies drastically cutting down their time to market.

Link Datacenter, a pioneer in enterprise digital transformation, is a regional system integrator that offers a variety of hosting and managed services solutions both on Azure and its local data centers. LDC's portfolio also includes security, infrastructure, SAAS, and migration services.

Qualified Security Assessors SISA from the PCI Security Council reviewed both the application and hosting environment of LDC to ensure that all requirements are met and accordingly granted full compliance of PCI version 3.2.1 which guarantees utmost infrastructure security. With the new certification and guaranteed server uptime of 99.998%, LDC can now host FinTech solutions, offering stability and the highest level of security required for handling sensitive payment information. LDC’s PCI DSS certification covers all requirements related to the security controls, hosting servers and policies easing the certification complexity for FinTech companies and speeding up their market entry journey by more than 70%. In addition to that LDC now provides client compliance advisory services for PCI certification, and PCI hardening and management for PCI certification maintenance.

The FinTech industry is among the fastest-growing sectors, in 2022 it was worth around $180 billion and is predicted to reach over $213 billion by 2024. The number of startups in this industry is jaw-dropping, reaching approximately 30,000 across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. According to Worldpay research, mobile wallet, and e-payments are expected to surpass cash at all points of sales further reassuring the fact that digital payment is the future.

“Obtaining this certification was no easy job, it required the employment of additional security measures and standards, along with advanced network security configurations, however thanks to the rich experience of our cyber security specialists and the diligent work of our technical team we were able to satisfy all requirements of the certification which was granted in a matter of days. We are confident that this certification will allow us to comfortably penetrate the FinTech market.” Mina Kamel, Link Datacenter Head of Security Services The PCI DSS compliance coupled with LDC’s prime hosting features will help LDC extend its customer trust to the FinTech market, giving it an unbeatable edge among the competitors. FinTech companies can now enjoy the countless benefits of LDC’s varied hosting solutions that range from on-premises, Azure public or private cloud solutions, or the revolutionary Azure Stack hybrid cloud solution. Advanced security compliance comes with countless benefits that include faster time to market, preventing data breaches, meeting global standards, and avoiding fines and penalties for noncompliance. The FinTech market will offer new expansion opportunities for LDC and help it grow its customer base in new territories.

Our new certification will alleviate most of the PCI DSS compliance headache for FinTech companies helping them achieve obligatory compliance swiftly and speeding up their market entry. It will help them spend more time on what matters for the success of their operations and less time on mundane certification reviews and requirements” Gamal Selim, Link Datacenter CEO