Eva Pharma Chooses Link Datacenter to lead its digital transformation journey using Microsoft Technologies [2023]

November 7, 2021

Cairo, October 26th, 2021Eva Pharma signed an important Digital transformation contract with Microsoft Gold partner Link Datacenter (LDC), the contract involves the implementation of Microsoft 365, an award-winning collaboration and communication software along with Azure hosting. EVA pharma is a global healthcare organization that focuses on unmet medical needs, it utilizes innovation, the latest research methodologies, and science to produce over half a million healthcare products daily that meet the demand of both local and international markets. With more than 4000 team members Eva Pharma is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the region.

Link Datacenter, a pioneer in enterprise digital transformation, is a regional system integrator that offers a variety of hosting and managed services solutions both on Azure and its local data centers. LDC’s portfolio also includes security, infrastructure, SAAS, and migration services.

“The purpose of the partnership with Microsoft is to enhance the information database and technological infrastructure of the company which provides a fully digitized working environment that disrupts the healthcare services provided for the Egyptian patient, and for other patients in more than 40 countries around the world where EVA Pharma operates,” said Dr. Riad Armanious, CEO of EVA Pharma.

Moreover, Dr. Armanious added that digital transformation is one of EVA Pharma’s priorities to implement the latest standards of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which the company is keen to implement as it was shown in the company’s accreditation from the European Medicines Agency, and other international institutions and entities, as well as partnerships with major healthcare international companies in the manufacturing of modern and innovative healthcare solutions for the benefit of patients globally. He mentioned EVA Pharma’s plan to benefit from the latest technological systems known worldwide to support scientific research at “Mounir Armanious Research Center” (MARC), one of the largest research centers in North Africa.

Eng. Michael Mounir, head of digital transformation and information technology at EVA Pharma described that the strategic partnership with Microsoft will focus on delivering their ambitious digital transformation strategy through a wide range of disruptive products and services that are based on top-notch technologies. The products will provide unmatched employee and end-user experiences, as well as cost-efficient and data-driven decision making which will empower EVA Pharma on its agile plans for global reach expansions, and time to market efficiency.

“With the current challenges the world is witnessing, digital transformation is reinventing the way we are doing business and Eva pharma is expected to experience a boost in its employee productivity and IT management capabilities with the integrated suite of Microsoft 365 products. Digitally transforming operations and processes is the magical shortcut to enhanced enterprise efficiency, it paves the way to a new world of opportunities for growth ” said Gamal Selim LDC CEO.

In addition to empowering 3000 employees with the latest in productivity and collaboration tools, LDC will host Eva Pharma’s data center expansion to Microsoft’s flagship cloud platform, Azure. Azure is the leading cloud services provider that improves the scalability, security, and reliability of your data centers.

Armed with the Gold Cloud Platform advanced specialization LDC has led countless cloud hosting solutions that helped companies quickly adapt to their increasing demand for data center storage cost-effectively. With Azure hosting Eva Pharma will easily expand its data center to accommodate its fast-paced expansion in minimal time that will not disturb the normal flow of operations.

“The future of work is here. For organizations to digitally transform in the next decade of work, they must think about empowering every employee in the workplace with seamlessly integrated tools that help them be more connected, mobile, and productive. We thank EVA Pharma for their trust in our technology to enhance their employee experience. We trust that LDC will ensure the successful deployment of M365 solutions and further accelerate EVA pharma digital transformation,” said Mirna Arif, General Manager, Microsoft Egypt.

Microsoft 365 is an integrated suite of Microsoft products that offer superior collaboration, communication, security, and IT management features. The flagship solution involves office 365; the famous productivity solution that provides word processing, database, spreadsheet applications, and an email among others, EMS; enterprise mobility and security module, and Windows 10; the powerful personal computer operating system.

Microsoft 365 utilizes tomorrow’s technology to solve today’s challenges, through its powerful processing capabilities and stable environment, enterprises have witnessed big leaps in their employee’s efficiency and digitization levels. While the Office 365 suite empowers the employee’s productivity through an intuitive easy to use interface, their work is well secured and managed through the EMS module, all of this is complemented with the powerful operating system platform, Windows 10.

An experienced team of technical consultants, infrastructure architects, technical lead, and support engineers will oversee the implementation of the solutions in a short time span but will provide a lifetime of value to Eva Pharma. Our solutions will allow for smarter operations thereby enhancing productivity, sustainability, and profitability.