What is Shared hosting? [2023]

calendar iconJune 7, 2021

Shared hosting also known as, Web Hosting is one of the most popular and affordable hosting options to make your website live on the internet. 
Shared web hosting is the most common type of hosting solution provided today. It is perfect for personal websites, businesses starting out small, developers and designers seeking a turnkey solution, and hobbyists and amateurs looking for an affordable starting point for their.

While some websites require an entire server to store their files and data, others can share one server with many other websites – this is where Shared Hosting comes into play.

Shared hosting, as the name suggests, is a term used to describe web hosting services where multiple websites reside on the same physical server. This allows organizations to utilize server resources  – such as bandwidth, memory, and computing power- while taking advantage of speed and space.

While most of these servers are based on Linux operating systems, some providers offer Microsoft Windows-based solutions, like, Windows shared hosting (MSSQL and ASP.NET)

Who is shared hosting best suited for? 

Shared hosting is considered one of the most economic options for hosting since the total cost is spread (Shared) amongst multiple users.

For that reason, a shared hosting environment may be best suited to cater to new or small businesses, entrepreneurs, and blogs.

In other words, shared hosting works best for websites that have relatively low traffic and require small amounts of memory bandwidth.

The shared hosting plan 

Shared hosting providers are responsible for managing servers, hardware and software maintenance, customer support, and security updates. However, users are responsible for setting up and running their own websites.

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Shared hosting set-up is easy and straightforward. Hosting providers offer control panels for each site on account. This includes tools for users to manage any administrative tasks or monitoring duties – without the need for specialized website development skills.


Once your website reaches a certain level of monthly traffic, all you need to do is simply upgrade to a different tier of shared hosting, or switch entirely to other solutions – such as Dedicated Hosting or VPS Hosting


With many websites being hosted on the same server, costs are distributed among multiple tenants. This makes shared hosting solutions by far the most affordable and cheapest web hosting option, compared to VPS and Dedicated server hosting. 

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