Effortless Domain Transfer Guide: Smooth & Free Domain Transfer

Everything You Need to Know About Transferring a Domain

calendar iconJan 10, 2024

You may need to transfer your business or personal domain for many reasons, be it a price increase of your current domain provider, your website is taking too long to load, recurrent hacking episodes, or simply because there are other attractive deals in the market that you want to opt for. But first; what is domain transfer and are there any restrictions to do the switching process?   


What is Domain Transfer Process?  

A domain transfer is the process of shifting your domain name from one domain provider to another. There is just one condition to transfer your domain that you need to bear in mind before initiating the process; You must have been registered with your current provider for at least 60 days to be eligible for domain transfer, as ICANN imposes a 60-day change of registrant lock.  


Transfer Domain Name:

The process of transferring a domain name from one domain provider to another is easy and simple. Usually involves the same steps with some minor changes depending on the domain provider you are dealing with. Ranging from a few hours to a few days; the process should be finalized in this time frame.  


How Do I Transfer My Domain to Another?

Prior to starting the domain name transfer process, it’s crucial to make sure that you have registered a valid and correct address and email IDs, the same applies to the new domain provider where you are transferring the domain name to, so you would be notified through the registered email IDs once the transfer process is complete.

  1. The first thing that you need to do to start transferring your domain name is to log into your current domain account to unlock your domain name and verify your contact info. Domain names are usually set to be locked by default so that they would not get deleted by accident.

  2. If you have domain name privacy, you will need to turn it off in order to proceed with the transfer. This option is usually found on the dashboard under the Security section. In case you have many domain names with your current domain provider, you will need to choose the specific domain name that you want to transfer.

  3. Start the domain transfer process by going to your new domain provider account.

  4. Lastly, authorize the domain transfer by inserting the EPP code provided from your current domain provider. As mentioned earlier, the domain transfer process time frame may vary according to the domain providers involved, once the transfer is complete, you will receive a notification in your email. It’s important to note, you can always access your domain during the transfer process using your old domain provider.


DNS Zone Transfer:

DNS zone transfer is the process of copying the entire content of a DNS zone from one DNS server to another. This is typically done to keep multiple DNS servers in sync with each other and to ensure that they all have the same information about a particular domain.  

DNS zone transfers are typically used in a master-slave configuration where one DNS server acts as the primary or master server, and the other servers are configured as secondary or slave servers. The master server is responsible for maintaining the authoritative zone data, while the slave servers obtain their data through zone transfers.

During a zone transfer, the primary server sends a copy of the zone data to the secondary server. This transfer can be done using either the AXFR (full zone transfer) or IXFR (incremental zone transfer) protocol. The AXFR protocol sends the entire zone file to the secondary server, while the IXFR protocol sends only the changes or updates that have been made to the zone since the last transfer.

But why DNS transfer is needed? DNS transfers or zone transfers are important for maintaining the availability and integrity of DNS data, as they help to ensure that all DNS servers have the most up-to-date information about a particular domain.


How Do I Transfer My Domain to Link Datacenter 

LDC offers an easy and smooth domain transfer service within a few days. For “.com” and TLD domains; our customers are requested to send us the EPP code in order to initiate the transfer process from our side. EPP codes indicate that the owner of the current domain name authorizes the domain transfer process, our customers will need to request the EPP code from their current domain provider. Initially, customers need to make sure they have unlocked their domain names for a successful domain transfer process.For “.eg” Domain names, a DNS template is filled by our customers, and LDC finalizes the rest of the process.