Dedicated Server Hosting What Businesses IT Ought To Know [2023]

calendar iconJuly 31, 2021

In a world where convenience is everything and consumers are more web-savvy – a 24/7, 100 % functioning website is vital. 

Growing traffic and storage needs might be placing strain on the server’s bandwidth and loading speed – hindering a business’s chances of growth, reputation, and online presence.

Imagine having this message displayed on your website!

website loading


1 in 4 visitors would abandon a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load.

five seconds page load


This is to say, slow loading websites and website crashes caused by overloaded servers can cause serious damage to your business:

  • Negatively affect brand image & credibility
  • Negative user experience
  • Lost revenue
  • Reduced SEO rankings

And this is when you should consider upgrading to a dedicated server hosting plan.

In this article, we will walk through the essential things you need to know about Dedicated server hosting. 

A Dedicated hosting environment grants a certain level of power and freedom not provided by other hosting services – Let’s see how:

Dedicated Server Hosting Explained

Simply put, Dedicated server hosting is a type of internet hosting service in which a user rents an entire physical machine that is not shared with other tenants. It is one of the most powerful server plans that maximize flexibility and security. 

In a Dedicated server hosting environment, servers are completely isolated from one another. Unlike a Shared Hosting server where resources are shared among various users, dedicated server resources such as RAM, processing power, storage, etc., are devoted to a single client.

Although traditional cloud computing relies on virtual machines, dedicated servers are not given to users with a pre-installed hypervisor. And so, this provides the user with full control over the server. 

Because of the complete control that the dedicated hosting environment grants to its users, this allows for:

a) avoiding challenges associated with a shared infrastructure, 

b) flexibility to choose the operating system,

c) adjusting hardware and software configurations – based on fluctuating workloads, for instance. 

Is Dedicated Server Hosting for you?

A Dedicated server environment offers maximum customization and performance along with a wide range of configuration options. It is well suited for high-performance websites with high traffic volumes and applications that require more resources than what a traditional virtual machine can offer. 

Websites that are experiencing a drastic increase in traffic should opt for dedicated hosting solutions. A growth in popularity and complexity indicates the need for a powerful web hosting service that provides room for growth.

Website performance can be affected when high traffic and storage needs exceed the server’s allocated portion of resources. 

According to FXBlog, websites should be prepared to handle high traffic spikes of up to 30 times the website’s normal traffic rate. On the other hand, websites that are not capable of handling such fluctuations in traffic, are likely to experience crashes or otherwise negative user experience.

This is to say, Dedicated server hosting proves to be a viable solution for organizations seeking substantial power and control over their hosting environment. By allowing users to have full control of their servers, users can tailor their server requirements to their specific needs, and select and pay for the features that they require. 

To make things easier, according to Forbes, a good benchmark to refer to when an organization is deciding about its need for a Dedicated server hosting solution is 1,000 site visitors per month. Websites that have reached this number or anticipate reaching it soon, should opt for a dedicated hosting solution. 

Looking for the most power and control over your hosting environment? Then dedicated server hosting is for you.

What is driving growth in the dedicated server hosting market?

According to Statista, since 2010, the worldwide dedicated hosting market has been growing every year and is expected to reach $6.53 billion in 2020. 

In today’s technology-driven world where users are becoming more tech-savvy, this created an increase in demand for the provision of real-time customer interaction, on-demand services, and efficient utilization of storage devices. This has driven the wide adoption of virtualization-based technologies. 

The growth of virtualization and rise in the number of security breaches – which have been a major concern faced by enterprises around the globe- have also driven the expansion of the Dedicated server hosting market.


Dedicated hosting allows for total isolation, a high level of control, and security for high and mission-critical workloads. A Dedicated server environment provides its users with maximum customization, high levels of performance, versatile storage, and a variety of configuration options.

Reliable Dedicated Hosting Providers

1. LDC – Link DataCenter

Best suited for enterprises with predictable, high-performance demanding tasks.

Link DataCenter offers powerful dedicated hosting services in fully controlled and isolated environments.

When it comes to pricing, LDC offers customized dedicated hosting packages tailored for organizations’ unique needs.

2. DreamHost

Best Option For Unlimited Monthly Data Transfers

DreamHost offers web hosting services with a rich feature set offering WordPress, shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud plans. 



There are several dedicated server hosting options with offerings starting at $169 per month for the Standard Plan ($149 for an annual commitment) that includes 4GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. The Enhanced Plan starts at $299/month with no commitments or contracts. This plan offers up to 64GB of RAM, and 2TB of space, and thus can handle multiple high-traffic sites easily. 

(You always have the option to choose between monthly and yearly plans).

3. GoDaddy

The Best for Full Root Access – No Restriction Server Control

GoDaddy is a mature web hosting provider that offers a wide range of tools that help fulfill the user’s dedicated hosting needs. This includes full root access for full server control.

They offer powerful, easy-to-use control panel options. 

Graphical user interface, application

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GoDaddy provides both Linux and Windows dedicated server configurations.


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Their Dedicated servers (DS) are categorized into either HDD or SSD drives. Their HDD Plans are subcategorized into four different plans (32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB) starting at $129.99/month for the 32 GB RAM up to $399.99/month for the 256 GB. 

On the other hand, for the SSD drive, four other different plans are available. Plans range between, as low as $139.99/month up to $419.99/month for the 256 GB SSD plan.

4. InMotion

The best option for free IP addresses

InMotion’s powerful dedicated hosting plans offer a range of 5 to 15 IPs, depending on the tier you choose.

They offer two types of Dedicated servers, Managed Dedicated Servers and Bare Metal Dedicated Servers.



Managed Dedicated Servers provide fully-managed Linux hosting with guided setup and deployment, ideal for agencies, business owners, and resellers. Plans in Bare Metal Dedicated Servers start at $139.99/month.

However, their Bare Metal Dedicated server provides custom builds for high-powered businesses with plans starting at $99.99/month. As mentioned on their website, this option is for system administrators and developers.

5. HostGator

Best for Customer Support

HostGator provides an array of useful plans which are: Value Server, Power Server, and Enterprise Server. Users can choose between Linux and Windows operating systems. 



First of all, the Value Server offers 8 GB RAM with an introductory price of $89.98/month. Then comes the Power Server offering 16 GB RAM with an introductory price of $119.89/month. Last but not the least, the Enterprise Server comes with 30 GB RAM for an introductory offer of $139.99/month. 

Reasons dedicated server hosting is a good option for your organization

1. Performance

Having an isolated platform with its resources dedicated entirely to one user results in faster and efficient performance, compared to other web hosting options. 

Dedicated server hosting also allows for maximizing the website’s uptime as well as facilitating high traffic levels that make room for website growth and creating opportunities for better SEO rankings as well.

If you are seeking to have a high-performing website with very little to no disruptions, then dedicated server hosting is the ideal Web Hosting solution for you.

2. Security

Cyber threats have greatly accelerated with the increase of digitalization in our daily lives. 

The security of online data and files is a great concern for online businesses and websites. As little as a single attack can ruin a website if not the whole business. 

Dedicated servers allow you to overcome such a threat. This is because you won’t share the server’s resources with any other tenants, which can create vulnerabilities in the overall security.

With dedicated server hosting, you are completely isolated.

In other words, dedicated server hosting offers additional layers of security and protection enhancing your overall security system.

3. Flexibility

Ever wondered what a customizable hosting environment would be like?

This is where dedicated server hosting comes into play – a highly customizable server hosting environment.

Dedicated server hosting allows for server customization and adjustments to fulfill user-specific hosting requirements.

With dedicated hosting, you will have the flexibility to choose the platform and software you find suitable and so having control over your server’s configurations. 

A Dedicated Server that serves YOU

What to look for in a Dedicated Server Hosting Provider?

To be able to choose the best dedicated server hosting provider, we gathered some information about key essential criteria to look out for.

· Uptime Guarantee

When looking for a dedicated server hosting provider make sure you choose one that provides a 99.99 % server uptime guarantee. Uptime guarantees are imperative when hosting a website as downtimes can cause serious damages to your business, website performance, and credibility.

And so, in case of downtime, hosting providers should be available to perform 24/7 maintenance.

(If your website experiences downtime at any time other than your scheduled maintenance, you are entitled to receive a portion of your monthly fee).

· Memory and Resources

The most reliable dedicated hosting provider should be able to provide fast processors with gigs to terabytes of storage and memory.

When transferring from a Shared or VPS hosting, users should be able to unquestionably recognize the increase in RAM, numbers of CPU cores available, processors, and data transfer allowances to make sure the website is running at best – in terms of speed and performance.

Users should be able to see an improvement in the website’s overall performance.

· Price

For businesses like yours, aim to look for dedicated hosting providers that offer entry-level prices. Some hosting providers in the market also offer lower pricing for annual payments.

Overall, look for the value you are going to receive in return for the price.

Here are some questions you should be asking your dedicated server hosting provider:

  • Do you provide a server uptime guarantee?
  • What server uptime score do you offer?
  • How do you ensure 100% website availability?- Especially during peak demands
  • How responsive are your customer service and tech support?
  • Do you provide disaster recovery services?
  • What is the amount of automation present in your migration process and workflow?

               (From website migration to production)

In Conclusion

Dedicated server hosting provides maximum power and control over hosting environments, even at busy peak business times. This helps businesses leverage the performance and security of having an entire server dedicated for their use. 

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