5 Reasons Why Websites Need SSL Certificates [2023]

calendar iconMarch 29, 2021

Security is downright essential for online businesses. Data breaches affecting millions of internet users have become far too common. And users are becoming more and more concerned about data security and the privacy of their online transactions.

Unsecure websites are vulnerable to malicious attacks and hacking, risking their user’s delicate information privacy.

How can you save website visitors and users from any cyber threats?

The answer is: SSL certificates. Buy SSL Certificates now.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is a technology that authenticates data between your visitor and your website. These are used to secure the communication in transit, keeping sensitive data from being intercepted.

Basically, SSL certificates encrypt data so that only the intended recipient can utilize or decrypt it.

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A few years ago, this wasn’t a must-have security feature for websites. However, with the growth of digital consumption and the daily transactions that take place on the internet, users need to feel secure when providing their personal data.

SSL certificates became a standard that you need to adopt if you want to have trust with your visitors.

But it’s not only about trust (although this is a major element), there are some other reasons why you need to buy an SSL certificate for your site.

In this post, we will provide 5 reasons why all websites need to be SSL secure:

1. Browsers are taking actions against unsecure websites

Chrome and other browsers are becoming more serious about security.

They alert users if the website is unsafe, by adding ‘Not secure’ in the URL bar.

What are the outcomes of this warning?

Users will be discouraged from staying on the website and ending up bouncing from it to other websites that take data privacy more seriously.

This will negatively affect click-through rates, rankings on Google, and reputation.

2. It will boost your SEO efforts/rankings

Google is constantly increasing emphasis on,
a) enhancing the user’s experience and
b) enabling transactions with less friction.

So, SSL certificates became one of Google’s ranking signals, since 2014.

Meaning that Google will reward secure websites with higher rankings on its results page.

This is to ensure that the users can navigate safely on the internet by keeping their sensitive information safe and secure.

3. Build trust

SSL certificates can go a long way towards building trust.

Showing your users that you are keeping up with security standards and valuing their safety, will allow you to reflect trustworthiness and credibility.

So they will feel safe visiting your website and they will trust you with their personal information.

4. Lead generation and conversions

As mentioned above, if your website is SSL secure, you will gain your users’ trust.

With that, converting leads becomes more likely as users will then confidently, fill out relevant forms and reach out to your business via your website. 

5. Brand image

Being associated with other amateur websites will definitely harm your brand reputation and image.

Website security is what differentiates a secure website from other unreliable ones.

With an SSL certificate, your users will be assured that you will protect their data and it will be traveling safely, enhancing your brand image.

In Conclusion

There is no business that is too small or too new to protect its online users and reputation with an SSL certificate. All modern-day websites need SSL security, as internet users are becoming more aware of the privacy risks associated with amateur and uncertified websites.

Buy an SSL certificate now and take advantage of all the benefits associated with a safe website.