Link Datacenter & Microsoft Egypt introduce Azure Stack Hybrid Cloud Services to Enterprises

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Cairo, October 4, 2018: Link Datacenter, the leading integrated technology solution provider has joined forces with Microsoft Egypt to deliver Azure stack services in the market, and to become the first provider in Egypt offering the Azure Stack Cloud Services through their data centers. Link Datacenter is a certified “Gold” Microsoft partner that provides [...]

LDC Empowers Egyptian STEM Schools with Microsoft’s Flagship Azure Cloud Platform

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The Egyptian MOE; a Client that Touches the Lives of More Than Twenty Million Students Egypt's MOE is the oldest most extensive educational ministry in the Middle East and North Africa, it is responsible for all k-12 educational activities. It manages more than forty five thousand public schools all throughout the country and oversees the [...]

Transforming Gulf’s Air Digital Presence with Open Source & Cloud

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Gulf Air, Bahrain’s national carrier, is a leading ICT innovator in the Gulf. The giant opted for an end-to-end digital transformation through its online presence and services. They entrusted long-term ICT partner, LINK Development, to implement and manage an Open Source (Drupal 7) portal built on the Microsoft Azure platform. Under stringent quality and delivery measures, Gulf [...]

Transforming ERTU into a Digital Broadcaster Using Azure OSS over IAAS

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ERTU envisioned a long awaited transformation towards digital broadcasting to introduce new services and gain new revenue streams from online streaming and video on-demand (VOD). In partnership with MCIT, ERTU chose Link Datacenter (LDC) and Link Development, the sister companies, to consolidate, host and manage the giant’s complex infrastructure on Azure and develop critical solution [...]

دومينات مصرية .EG

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ملايين المواقع يتم تصفحها والوصول لها يوميا عبر إستخدام إسم الدومين او النطاق وهو بمثابة العنوان الفريد الذي يمكن الزائر من الوصول للموقع المحدد عبر كتابة حروف اسم النطاق الخاص به بالمتصفح ومن ثم استعراض الموقع ومحتوياته والوصول للبيانات المطلوبة. ويتكون أي نطاق من جزئين الأول هو الاسم والثاني هو الامتداد Domain Extension. امتداد النطاق [...]

Dot EG domain

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Millions of sites are browsed and accessed every day by using a domain name or domain. This is the unique address that enables a visitor to access the specified site by typing the characters of his or her domain name in the browser, then browsing the site and its contents and accessing the required data. [...]