What Are Domain Names, Really And Why Are They Important [2023]

calendar iconNovember 12, 2020

Every computer on the internet has an identification number which is used to communicate with other
computers. It’s called an IP address – a distinctive series of numbers separated by periods, such as

That makes these IP addresses complicated and very hard to remember, right?

It would be impossible for us to remember the IP addresses for websites. So researchers created the
‘domain name’ system that assigns a unique title to each IP address – making it easier for us to get to
our favorite websites.

These domains are typed into the address bar of a browser – hit enter and the site shows up!

What Exactly Is A Domain Name?

A Domain name is like an internet identity or an online address for your business – it reflects who you
are, what you do, and what services and products you offer to your audience.

It can be any permutation of number and letters and is used before a domain name extension, e.g.,
.com, .net or .edu etc.

Let’s take Google, for example: their domain reads something like this: www.Google.com . Here the
domain name is Google.com and .com is the suffix at the end of the URL.

It is considered as an “internet identity” because no two domain names can ever be alike. So if someone
types www.YourBusiness.com in the address bar, it can only lead them to your website and nowhere

That’s why it is essential to select an easy-to-remember domain name that goes perfectly with your
business or online store. Once you’ve purchased the domain, it can’t be changed.

Some business owners mistakenly don’t put much effort into selecting the right domain name, and that
can be just as risky as picking the wrong physical location for an office.

It is vital to put the same amount of planning to select the perfect web address, just as you would take
your time to locate prime real estate where your clients can find you easily.

Why Is Your Domain Name Important?

A short, catchy, and memorable domain name can help any brand and business make a remarkable and
successful online presence while also attracting the right kind of prospects.

The right domain name adds credibility to your brand and drives traffic to your website. If you have a
blog with a particular topic, your domain name can be something close to the theme to help internet
users identify it and reach it.

Domain names also attract business for larger websites that are the ‘go-to’ for internet space for brands
and products.

Did you know that even search engines give preference to certain types of domain names?

Suffixes like .com or .net are more popular and often more expensive – if your website’s domain name
ends with a .com, it is more likely to be ranked higher than others in search results.

How to Choose a Domain Name?

The more natural a domain name is, the easier it would be for others to find you on the internet.

You also need to keep it short, memorable, and easy to spell. Incorporate keywords because then
Google will help rank it higher and be more visible to internet users.

But don’t use hyphens and numbers because these elements may confuse a potential visitor (e.g., was it
a three or 3 in that web address? And where does the hyphen go?)

The right domain name is a result of research and experimentation, where you also ensure that you’ve
chosen the right suffix according to the target audience you want to attract.

To Sum It All Up!

Last but not least, you must act fast if you want to secure a good domain name. Did you know that there
are more than 1.5 billion websites online now as we speak? By the time you read this figure, this
number will be significantly higher.

The chances are that another website or blog has already taken the name you thought of, so you better
do the due diligence and book the right domain for your business quickly.

If you want to add credibility and value to your website or blog, make sure you choose a domain name
that is not only easy to recall and remember but easy to understand. Remember, a name that relates to
your audience and a website that provides quality content is a recipe for online success.