How to Set Up a Professional Business Email? [2023]

calendar iconJuly 3, 2021

Looking to create and set up a business email address that promotes your business and builds trust?
Your business email inbox should be as professional, efficient, and as optimized as your business processes. This article will help you get started in creating the perfect business email account. Just follow these steps to get started today.

In this blog post, we will show you how to set up a professional business email. We will also provide you with some best practices you can follow when creating your business email.

So, let’s set you up!

Creating a professional business email is similar to how you go about building your website.

You’ll need to have a domain name first and then create a mailbox to match.

In case you don’t own a domain name, you can register a domain name now with LDC’s domain registration service.

If you already have a domain of your own:

Now that you already have a domain name, it’s time to pick an email hosting service.

Hosting companies provide and operate email servers, offer different sets of features, and an interface to access emails, at a range of different prices. 

Need help with choosing an email hosting provider? Read our blog post on How to choose an email hosting provider for your business? The Key 5 Features.

After choosing an email hosting provider, you’ll need to choose an email hosting plan that matches your business needs.

Afterward, you can follow these steps to set up your business email account: 

Setting up a professional business email (via cPanel)

cPanel is a popular control panel used by many hosting companies.

If you have already registered a domain and hosting account, this method will be particularly convenient.

First, log in to your hosting account and open the cPanel tool.

Then, go to the Email section and choose Email accounts.

cPanel Email Accounts

The email accounts page will appear, where any of your existing accounts will be listed.

To set up your business email, click on the +CREATE button:

Email Accounts

On the following screen, you need to enter your email account info – this includes login credentials and the domain you want to use with your email.

Email Accounts

Tip: If you only have one domain name, it will be automatically selected. However, if you have more than one domain, you will need to select the domain from the dropdown menu.

You will find a few more settings to configure at the bottom of the page. 

Storage Space

Here, you can:

  • Distribute storage space and choose the amount of space that your emails can acquire on the server. You can also change it to Unlimited.

 When you are done, Click +CREATE.

Creating your business email address? Here are some best practices

1. Make it memorable

If you have multiple domain names, choose one that can relate to your business and is easily identifiable.

2. Standard format

Creating a standard format for email addresses across your organization is vital. 

For instance, using the last name standard like so, [email protected] to build a sense of consistency across all your employees’ email addresses.

Set up your own business email now and promote your business with every email communication. 

Need help setting up your business email? Contact us for more information.