How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name (10 Tips and Tricks) [2023]

Here’s What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Domain Name [2023]

calendar icon May 2, 2023

Ever thought that a big part of your website’s success depends on the domain name you choose for it? Choosing the right domain name can influence your website’s success on so many levels, and on top of them falls the traffic your domain name could derive to your website.

As exciting as it sounds, choosing a domain name can be challenging and critical, it’s important to bear in mind that changing a domain name after launching your business or personal website may affect your website traffic negatively, let alone the unnecessary downtime it will cause while switching your domain name to a new one.

Registering a domain name you came up with for your business as soon as you think of it is a smart yet important thing to do, if you want your brand name to stand out and be memorable for users; you will have to act fast in the registration process of your domain name, with hundreds of millions of domain names already registered on the internet; chances are somebody else, as we speak, is thinking about the same domain name you have picked for your business, so we recommend that you act promptly if you think that your domain name would reflect the identity of your brand in the most adequate way. For that specific reason, many entrepreneurs tend to register domain names before they even launch their websites, they sometimes treat domain names as a kind of property or investment, knowing that a unique domain name can boost their business and website traffic. You can always register a domain name without having a website, you may establish the website later after registering a domain name.

How to Pick a Domain Name?

It’s possible to choose the perfect domain name, either for your personal website or your business, with some tips and tricks to consider when choosing a domain name, your brand can go above and beyond. The most fundamental thing to consider when choosing a domain name is to pick a domain name that’s user-friendly and easy to remember, you don’t want your clients to keep guessing your domain name every time they want to visit your website, that’s why adequate research is required before settling on the perfect domain name.

How to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your E-Commerce:

Below are some tips and tricks to consider when choosing a domain name:

  • Pick a Domain Name That’s Unique, Catchy, and Brandable:

A Domain name is a representation of the website content, it’s the title you choose for your website that gives a hint about what the reader is about to explore. Choosing a unique yet brandable domain name will help you achieve your marketing goals easily and will distinguish your website. It’s essential to consider researching other websites in the same niche, you don’t want to accidentally use a trademark name or end up with a domain name that’s already taken by another online business and get accused of imitating it. In conclusion, brandable domain names will stick to people’s memory and will help achieve the desired results.

  • Keep Your Domain Name Short:

A short domain name is practical, memorable, and faster to type, on the other hand, long domain names are easy to forget and more prone to typos, which may lead to traffic loss.

  • Avoid Complicated Domain Names, Choose Names That are Easy to Spell and Pronounce:

A complicated domain name won’t help your business grow. When searching for a domain name, always go for names that seem common, memorable, and easy to spell and pronounce. With word of mouth being the most powerful way to promote your business, you will need to pick a domain name that people can easily remember and spell.

  • Pick a Flexible Domain Name:

it’s a great idea to choose a domain name that’s relevant to your industry and gives a hint about what your business is about, but you also don’t want to limit your future growth in case you wanted to expand your business. For example, if your personal blog or business is specialized in selling a specific flower species, like lilies, it’s best to choose a domain name like than, in that way, if you make up your mind in the future and wanted to expand your business and include other flower species, you will attract more target audience. Changing a domain name is risky and will affect your business negatively, so it’s better to invest more time in researching domain names that are practical and flexible and will leave room for future plans.

  • Avoid Doubled Letters, Hyphens, and Numbers in Place of Words:

Domain names that include hyphens and doubled letters won’t get your website where you want it to be, it’s better to stick with domain names that are simple and short instead of those that contain hyphens, numbers, and doubled letters. Doubled letters in domain names increase the chances of typos and may lead your target audience to other undesignated websites. The use of hyphens is misleading and confusing, and it’s also related to spam domains which you don’t want your website to be associated with, not to mention that hyphens are difficult to express verbally. Some websites use domain names that include numbers instead of words, this is something we recommend you to avoid, you don’t want to keep your target audience guessing your domain name and eventually end up landing on a different website.

  • Use Domain Name Generator Tool:

Settling on a domain name is halfway through the process of launching your website; and with a huge number of domain names and websites already registered, the domain name you settled on might be taken. The first thing we recommend you to do when searching for a domain name is to use one of the domain name generator tools to help you speed up the search process. Domain name generators will not only show you if the designated domain name is already taken or not, but they will also suggest other domain names you might want to take into consideration, both relevant and irrelevant to the keywords you’ve searched for. We think that such tool is very beneficial and will save you a lot of time in searching for the perfect domain name for your personal website or business.

  • Always Choose CCTLDs and TLDs:

You will be doing your website a great favor if you pick a domain name with CCTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain) or TLD (Top Level Domain) extensions, and that’s because CCTLDs and TLDs are the most used and easier for people to remember, they also seem credible and trustworthy, adding to that; users who are not tech-oriented will always type domain extensions such as “.eg”, “.com” or “.org” by default, given that it’s the most common and established domain extensions.

  • Add Targeted Keywords in Your Domain Name Search:

If you want to rank high on google and appear on top searches you will need to work on including targeted keywords in the domain name, it’s best to choose keywords that are relevant to your website as search engines use domain names to specify what your website is about and help in determining search rankings, for example, would appear on top search results if the word “Fashion” is googled.

  • Protect Your Brand with Multiple Domains:

One smart way to protect your online business and derive more traffic to your website is to buy multiple domain names with the same pronunciation or spelling as your main domain name and redirect them to your official website, that way, you will guarantee that the target audience will eventually land on your website. If your budget is flexible, opt for domain names that have the same sound and pronunciation as your main domain name, and include domains with potential typos of your domain name to make sure you have covered all the possibilities that may refrain the target audience from getting to your website.

  • Domain History Check:

Domain names with previous history may affect your SEO rankings, so it’s better to check the domain name history you have settled on before purchasing it using one of the domain search engine tools.

Choosing a domain name requires time and adequate research to be found, so take your time finding the perfect domain name that reflects your brand identity in the best possible way by applying the above-mentioned tips and tricks.