Link Datacenter’s Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) shall govern (i) the manner in which LDC collects, uses, maintains and discloses Your Contact Information and non-personal information obtained when You access the Website, and (ii) the privacy of Your Content hosted on the Online Service(s).

Your access, use to the Website and\or subscription on the Online Service(s) shall be deemed as an acceptance of this Policy. In the event You disagree to this Policy, You are advised to stop accessing, using the Website and\or subscribing on the Online Service(s).

This Policy may be subjected to change from time to time and such change shall be effective upon being posted on the Website, and accordingly You are advised to refer back to Policy from time to time. LDC may notify You by the occurrence of the changes made to the Agreement upon You create an account on the Website. LDC disclaims any liability in the event You don’t receive LDC’s notice.

In the event You disagree to such changes, Your sole remedy is to stop accessing, using the Website and\or subscribing on the Online Service(s). Your continuous access and use to the Website and the Online Service(s) shall be deemed as an acceptance to such changes. To the extent that may differ with the legal terms and conditions, the Policy shall prevail.

In this Policy the following words shall mean the following meanings:

- Additions: mean any feedback, invention, improvement, suggestions, ideas, comments, recommendations or posts developed by You on the Website or on Your account.

- LDC: means Link Datacenter for Data Exchange L.L.C.

- Contact Information: means all information provided from Your side that identify You.

- Communications: means all information that You give to LDC in any way, including with no limitation email, telephone or other communications.

- Inappropriate Content: means unlawful data, obscene, indecent, pornographic, seditious, offensive, defamatory, threatening, liable to incite racial hatred or acts of terrorism, menacing, and blasphemous content.

- Non-Personnel Information: means the data that doesn’t identify You including with no limitation the ip address.

- Online Service(s): means the online service(s) that You subscribe on them through the Website which are as follow:

  • Hosting solution “virtual dedicated hosting” (including fully management service, os management service, un-management service)
  • Shared hosting
  • Security portal “ssl”
  • Mail services
  • Domain name

- You: means the person, firm or company who access, use the Website and\or subscribe on any of the Online Service(s) (hereinafter referred to as “You” or “Your”).

- Your Content: means all data, documents, images or videos that You provide in order to be hosted\inserted on the Online Service(s).

1. LDC Shall Collect the Following Information

1.1 Contact Information:

LDC may collect Your Contact Information only if You submit it voluntary. You can refuse to submit Your Contact Information, and in this event You shall not be able neither to create Your account on and to subscribe on the Online Service(s).

1.2 Non-Personnel Information:

LDC may collect Non-Personal Information about You whenever You interact with the Website. Non-Personal Information may include the browser name, IP address, user ID, the type of the computer and Your technical information such as means of connection to the Website, operating system and internet service providers utilized and other similar information.

LDC may collect Additions and Communications and any information provided from Your side in the event You shall contact LDC for support, LDC will keep an internal record of what support was given.

2. LDC Shall Use the Collected Information as Follow:

LDC may use Your Contact Information, Additions and Communications (i) to inform You by the functionality changes to the Online Service(s), the Website, and to inform You by LDC’s new services, and special offers that You may find valuable; (ii) to protect LDC against any abuse, breach or fraudulent transaction; (iii) to update You in the event LDC shall make a survey or advertising and publicity related to the Online Service(s); (iv) to improve the website and Online Service(s); and\or (v) to send You LDC’s updates.

LDC may use Your Non Personnel Information (i) to personalize search results and to customize the Website and Online Service(s) in accordance with Your preferences; (ii) to diagnose problems with LDC’s server; (iii) to know how You are using the Website and Online Service(s); (iv) to personalize the online ads that LDC present to You based on Your ads viewed; (v) to improve the Website and Online Service(s); (vi) to protect LDC from any abuse, breach or fraudulent transaction; and\or (vii) for any purpose related to Your Online Service(s), if any;

LDC gather broad demographic information to improve the Website and make Your browsing and subscription experience more enjoyable. This is not linked to any Contact Information, except as necessary to prevent fraud or abuse on LDC’s system.

3. Confidentiality:

LDC undertakes to keep the confidentiality of Your Contact Information and any other Communications, and LDC will not authorize the disclosure of Your Contact Information and Communications to a third party unless upon the occurrence of any of the following events: (i) in the event the disclosure is required by law, required by this Policy and\or the LDC’s legal terms and conditions; (ii) in the event a third party shall fulfil certain functions on behalf of LDC; and such third party will be prohibited from using Your Contact Information and Communications for any other purpose; (iii) in the event You provide Your consent for such disclosure; and\or (iv) in the event LDC need to take precautions against liability, to investigate and defend LDC against any third-party claims or allegations.

LDC cannot guarantee that Your Contact Information and Communications shall not be subject to any loss, destruction, alteration or disclosure. When You provide LDC with Your Contact Information and Communications, You do so at Your own risk. LDC shall notify You in the event of a material breach of security, which resulted in an unauthorized disclosure of Your Contact Information.

LDC may share generic aggregated demographic not linked to any of Your Contact Information with LDC’s business partners and trusteed affiliates.

LDC reserves the right to disclose the Additions, Your Non- Personnel Information to any third party at any time for the interest of LDC.

Regarding Your credit card, LDC has no access to Your credit card while subscribing on the Online Service(s).

4. The Security:

In respect of the security of Your password and Your account, You are responsible of the security of Your password and account by preventing any unauthorized person to have access to Your password and account.

You should notify LDC if You need to deactivate Your login or change Your password on using Ticketing system “client area → support Ticket → new Ticket →Select Sales Queue”

Remember, when You use online tools such as LDC’s forums, community sites or social networking sites, the content You upload to them will be public. If You don’t want the content You upload to be seen by the rest of the world, please don’t post it.

5. Transfer of Data Abroad:

In the event You are visiting the Website from a country other than Egypt, Your communications with LDC may result in the transfer of information across international boundaries. Furthermore, You acknowledge and agree that in order to best and promptly serve Your requests and/or issues, LDC’s customer support, including support provided via telephone and chat, are in Egypt. Accordingly, when You originate a call or chat from Your country of residence, the call or chat will be supported by a representative in Egypt, and that such information provided will be transferred to Egypt. In any event, Your information will be processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy. By visiting the Website, calling or chatting with LDC, You consent to such transfers.

6. “Do Not Track” Signals:

Your browser settings may allow You to automatically transmit a “Do Not Track” signal to websites and online services You may visit. There is no consensus among industry participants as to what “Do Not Track” means in this context. Like many websites and online services, LDC currently doesn’t alter its practices when LDC receives a “Do Not Track” signal from a visitor’s browser.

7. Deletion of Your Account:

In the event of deleting Your account, Your Contact Information shall be deleted. LDC may retain certain Contact Information by law and for LDC’s business purposes.

8. Complains:

In the event You shall have any inquiry or complaint about this Policy, You are kindly requested to contact LDC at Ticketing system “client area → support Ticket → new Ticket →Select Sales Queue”

9. Update of Your Information:

If You would like to update or modify any information You have provide to LDC, or revoke consent previously granted, kindly send a ticket at [email protected].

10. Third Party’s Website:

LDC may provide You with links to third-party websites for Your convenience and information. Those websites are not under LDC’s control, LDC solely control its Website. LDC doesn’t make any representations about third-party websites. LDC encourages You to review their privacy policies before submitting Your personal data.

11. The Privacy of the Your Content Hosted on the Online Service(s):

LDC has no knowledge of Your Content that You host on the Online service(s).You retain full ownership and custody of Your Content and You are in control of the entire lifecycle of Your Content hosted on the Online Service(s) and how Your Content is classified, accessed, exchanged or otherwise processed when using the Online Service(s).

You must take all reasonable steps to protect Your content hosted on the Online Service(s) and to comply with laws and regulations as it may apply to such hosted Content. Such reasonable steps would include Your encryption of personal or any regulated data.