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A Bit About Us

Initially established in 1996 as the data center arm of LINKdotNET, Link Datacenter has since experienced tremendous changes and expansions in the Middle East market. We host one of the largest and most sophisticated data centers equipped with the latest technologies and facilities in the region. Our partnerships with leading data hosting vendors GPX and Equinix ensures that our services have a wide reach through three regional offices.

LDC under its mother company LINKdotNET has gone through major merger and acquisitions activities in the previous years. With LDN’s massive acquisition activity and new companies at the beginning of the internet craze in the 2000’s LDC became the leading data hosting partner for a plethora of top internet companies such as Yallakora, ConnectAds, and ARPU plus. Over the years LDC’s customer base expanded to include popular websites such Mazika, Masrawy, and Otlob that witness millions of hits daily. In 2010 LDN ISP was acquired by the leading telecom operator, Mobinil (Later acquired by Orange), and a new group was founded under the name OTVentures to include LDC, Link Development, ConnectAds, & ARPU Plus) this exposed LDC to new technologies and a wider customer base.

After 20+ years of mastering the hosting & managed service business in the MEA region, LDC has a wide range of services & products offering individualized solutions to your business needs.

With a large enterprise, corporate and SMB customer base, our unique approach of IT service delivery framework coupled with our highly experienced and trained staff put us at the forefront of professional services providers.

LDC Vision:

To provide effective cloud services and solutions to individuals and businesses throughout the Region, so empowering them to pursue and achieve excellence.

LDC Mission:

To build a leading, profitable and service-oriented organization that consistently delivers innovative solutions and reliable services. To maintain an exciting, challenging and high-energy working environment that encourages original thinking. And we will create wealth for our employees, our customers, and our shareholders.


Meet The Team


Joseph Milad
Data Center Director

Maged Michel
Senior Manager, Systems Engineering

Abd El Rahman Fareed
Presales & Sales Director

Nabil Naim
Research & Development Manager

Gamal Selim
Chief Executive Officer

Mahmoud M. Mahgoub
Business Development Manager

Nabil Saied
Service Delivery Manager

Amr Ramadan
Technical Product Manager

Haitham Nader
Finance Manager

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Our Clients

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