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Millions of sites are browsed and accessed every day by using a domain name or domain. This is the unique address that enables a visitor to access the specified site by typing the characters of his or her domain name in the browser, then browsing the site and its contents and accessing the required data. Any two-part domain is the name and the second is Domain Extension.

The extension of the domain is the second part of the website and there are many extensions that express the different activities and countries. They are approved and agreed upon globally. Many local extensions are available. They represent an abbreviation for the name of the country such as the Egyptian domain (.eg). Of the domains through the network of Egyptian universities and follow the Supreme Council of Universities in the Ministry of Higher Education and the State of Scientific Research.

This governmental institution supervises the registration and management of the Egyptian domain (.eg) through the development and implementation of policies and rules governing the registration of this type of domain to ensure the provision of this service in a stable and secure manner.

LDC helps you to select and register Egyptian domains (.eg) at prices starting from 165 EGP per year for two-point extensions such as: or 1200 EGP per year for domain extension. Additionally, you will get several advantages:

  • Technical support around the clock
  • Safety and confidentiality
  • Automatic renewal
  • The possibility of creating an infinite number of Sub Domains
  • Ability to convert and redirect domain name

Important information you should know before applying for a .eg domain registration:

  1. Domain name registration doesn’t provide any legal or intellectual property rights for this name; it only gives an exclusive license for using the domain name for specific period.
  2. The site cannot be used in anything against traditional & conventional ethics.
  3. The site cannot be used to offend religion, countries, cities or moral entities.
  4. Trading Domain name after registration is not allowed (selling or leasing).

Domain name selection rules:

  1. Domain name should start with letter (A-Z) or number (0-9) without space between letters of the registered name.
  2. Domain name registered should be with minimum 2 letters and maximum 22 letters.
  3. Domain name should be derived from concerned customer’s name or the nature of the work & cannot be a generic name. As well, verification documents should be presented.
  4. In case of trademarks registration ownership; documents should be presented and should be legalized by ministry.
  5. No prophet names, religion slogans, countries or cities and moral entities can be used as domain name.

Registration Rules:

  1. Registration is based on priority of demand.
  2. Domain name can be registered for the active domains or domains under construction.
  3. Domain name could be registered for companies or organizations that don’t have headquarter in Egypt, in condition of presence of a representative or recognized agent in Egypt.

Documents required for registration under different sub-domains:Safety and confidentiality

  1. DNS template (filled, signed and stamped)
  2. Documents differ according to the domain type, as follows:

  Education Sector (.edu):

Copy of official document proving that the organization follows Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research or Ministry of Education.

Research and Scientific sSctors (.sci):

Copy of an official document proving that the organization follows Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research or any institution affiliated to that ministry.

Government Sector (.gov):

Copy of an official document proving that the organization follows a governmental organization or the ministries.

Non-Governmental Organization (.org):

Copy of the constitution decision of the institution.

Commercial Sector (.com):

Copy of commercial registry & taxation card of the company.

Information Technology Service (.net):

Copy of the commercial registry and card taxation of the company.

Personal Domains (name):

Copy of ID card of the customer.

Information Sector:

Specialized for companies information with the papers related to it.

 TV channels  

  • An official letter from the Egyptian Radio and Television Union sealed with the government’s logo for the Egyptian TV channels that follows that union.
  • A letter sealed with the government’s logo from the Authority of Investment for private Egyptian TV channels (composed of companies).
  • Registration will be through license agreement for non-Egyptian TV channels that are operated by the satellite.

Terms for Second Level Domain Registration (.eg):

  1. The registering institution should hold the Egyptian nationality.
  2. The institution should have residence in Egypt or at least have a local representative / an agent in Egypt.
  3. The institution should
      have a trademark registered in Egypt regionally or internationally.
    • The institution should provide the trademark possession documents.
    • Documents required should be enclosed according to the nature of institution desiring to register.
    • The registered second level domain should be used within the institution’s activities only. That domain shouldn’t be sold to any institution unless it is related to the registered institution.
    • Second level domain registering follows same rules of domain registering under Egyptian domain (.eg).

Documents Required for Registration Under Different Sub-domains:

  • Copy of Commercial registry
  • Copy of tax card
  • Copy of registered trademark
  • DNS template (filled, signed, and stamped)