Streaming Solutions

LINK Datacenter provide true end-to-end streaming solution. Our bandwidth on demand will cater for different audience sizes and connectivity speeds. We'll also help you make your event streamable by incorporating social network components and interaction channels so remote participants will be engaged in your event as live attendants.

Broadcast your audio/video content to the world, content can be from a satellite channel or other video source. LDC support thousands of video combinations including the usual format: H.264, VP6 FLV, MP4, MPEG, MPEG2, 3GP, 3GP2, AVI, WMV, etc.

Professional Video CMS for WebTV, Video Communities and Social Media Portals. LDC offers their customers the greatest possible flexibility to enhance their portals using Modern Social Video Communication, Effective Collaboration, eLearning, and Cost reduction.

Custom Dimensions, Bitrates, Framerates, Our media encoding service gives you complete control over your video output's bitrate, framerate and output dimensions.

Real time broadcast of your event, enlarging your audience beyond geographical and logistical limitation. We integrate with any on site video production system, create and host your event page in our portal.

Whether it is wireless or WIFI, audio and video content can be mobile ready.

Fast becoming the streaming format of choice for many content delivery organizations.

Technical Specification
Hardware Multi-processor multi-core hardware
Processing Single or Dual vCPU
RAM Dedicated RAM according to package
Storage Dedicated storage on SAN according to package
IP Address Dedicated 1 IP
Bandwidth* Unlimited
SLA 99.7 % uptime
Technical Support 24/7
Supported Platforms Windows server / SUSE / Red Hat
Network Security Firewall & IPS
Features & Key Benefits
  • True end-to-end solution for streaming your content
  • Retrieving the stream from the source, encoding it into one of the leading Internet formats
  • Distributing it in a way that is completely transparent for you
  • Bandwidth on demand to cater for different audience sizes and connectivity