How to install an SSL certificate on my WordPress website

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How to install an SSL certificate on my WordPress website

An SSL certificate is a text file that you install on your server to establish a secure connection between your server and the user’s browser to protect any sensitive data from being intercepted.

SSL security is a crucial component to having a successful,safe and secure online business.

It is a must-have security feature that most businesses all over the world are opting to buy.

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But what happens after you buy an SSL certificate?

The installation process takes place. 

You need to follow a few simple steps to install the certificate on your WordPress site.

First, you need to make some changes in your WordPress settings.

1- Click on settings > General

2- In the text box ‘Site Address’, make sure it has ‘https’.

Then, you will need to install a plugin to make your WordPress run on the secure certificate.

Plugins allow you to redirect your entire website content to the new secure address and ensure that all your pages are appearing to users without any errors.

In your Dashboard on WordPress, 
1- Click plug-ins > Add new.
2- Choose the plugin name you want
3- Click ‘Install’ then
4- Click ‘Activate plugin’
5- Click ‘Go ahead, activate SSL’

After these steps, WordPress will ask you to re-login.

When you login, you will see that your SSL certificate is enabled on your site, and that all your content has been transferred securely and correctly.

Now your SSL certificate is activated and ready to provide you and your visitors with a secure connection to protect any data in transit against any malicious attacks.

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