Microsoft Azure

MICROSOFT AZURE Implementation

Powerful Cloud Computing

with Certified Microsoft Experts

Why Host on Microsoft Azure?

Azure is a renowned business-centric public cloud offering that provides businesses with unlimited choice and advanced capabilities. It’s a flexible and affordable platform that supports almost any OS, language, tool or framework making building, deploying and managing business applications quicker and simpler.

Why LDC?

As a pioneer in the data center world and in deploying and managing cloud solutions, LDC has safely led hundreds of businesses of all sizes across the Middle East reap the limitless benefits of moving to the cloud. We ensure no downtime, superior 24/7 local support and access to certified experts.

What will you get?

Database Consilidation & Migration


Privacy & Protection


Cost Optimization


Hybrid Cloud Applications

Hybrid Cloud Applications

SOC as a Service

Disaster Recovery & Backup

24/7 Dedicated Support

24/7 Dedicated Support

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