Safeguard Suite by LDC

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Safeguard Suite by LDC

SafeGuard Your Business Against Data Breaches & Cyber Threats With A Powerful IT Solution

Introducing SafeGuard Suite

Built on robust foundations, Safeguard Suite is an enterprise-grade end-to-end IT security solution designed by LDC. This IT security solution leverages the powerful security and compliance features of the infamous Microsoft 365.

Defend Against Cyber Threat
Protect Business Data
Manage Your Devices
Minimize Compliance Risk

What will you get from this powerful IT Security Solution?


SafeGuard Audit By LDC

Security strategy analysis, threat advisory, compliance assessments and systematic evaluations carried out by professional data and infrastructure analysts.

Identity & Access Management

centralized visibility and control, active monitoring of your organization’s resources and roles and permissions management.
Fully Secured Environment

Network Security

Secure access to restricted environments and combat security risks such as malware, phishing, and pass-the-hash attacks.
Colocation Data Center

Asset Security

Safeguarding and managing core company assets such as data and information, mission critical software and hardware
More Agile

SOC Services

Subscription based security operation center that manages and monitors your logs, devices, clouds, network and assets for internal IT teams.
Flexible SLA

GDPR & Compliance

Robust protocols and dedicated support on to reducing risks and achieving compliance with the GDPR and other industry and/or geographic specific regulations."

“There have been 36.6 Million Email Threats in Egypt alone
in the previous year.”


of cyber attacks target small business


devices affected by ransomware per month


of small business shut down post cyber attack


of cyber attacks target small business

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