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Superior Video CMS Experiences

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Build, manage, publish, distribute, monetize and analyze your video content using an advanced media builder.
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Superior Video CMS is a simple and easy to use media solution. It is the best video CMS for creating, uploading, and managing video content.

Powerful Technology Partner

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Specialized cloud and infrastructure consultants ensure seamless performance across your platform and are always one click away.
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Our consultants are professionals to design, implement and support live broadcast, video on demand and other IT infrastructure products and solutions.

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Live Streaming

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Video On Demand

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Media Encoding

Microsoft Certified Experts


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Cost Reduction

24/7 Dedicated Support

24/7 Dedicated Support

Media Streaming ERTU

Transforming ERTU into a Digital Broadcaster

Read the success story to learn about how ERTU increased viewer engagement, built a new video on-demand revenue stream and achieved almost 80% cost savings on IT infrastructure with LDC.

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Do you know Netflix? Video on demand or VOD is a term used to describe a platform or mechanism that allows users to watch video content of their choice from a menu or menus of available videos – Just like Netflix.

Yes. Using iFrames you can embed live video footage on to your website instantly.

Absolutely. Just contact us here now.

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