Disaster Recovery

Enterprises are increasingly dependent on their IT systems for their business, whether it is corporate email or line-of-business ERP. The disruption of IT services within an organization is no longer acceptable and enterprises are aware of the need to devise and implement Disaster Recovery plans

Customizable disaster recovery solutions

Disaster Recovery looks different for every business. What works for one organization does not necessarily address the pressing issues of another.
Link DC allows you the freedom to pragmatically build and scale your DR solution component by component, rather than forcing you into an expensive and inflexible solution. At its core, your solution will be built upon a reliable and scalable infrastructure

What Link DC Disaster Recovery as a Service Can Do for You?

Link DATACENTER will work with your organization jointly to design, implement and host the disaster recovery solution most suited to your needs in terms of RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) - and other technical solutions that gives you the maximum support for your business continuity plan

  • Get key systems up and running within a defined window
    Tell us what is your business continuity requirements, and we’ll customize a solution to meet your specific recovery point and recovery time objectives

  • Safeguard data in an offsite location
    Our secure facilities offer independently-certified physical protection

  • Satisfy regulatory requirements for disaster recovery plans

End to End Managed Solution
Consultation / Disaster recovery planning
Data security while transit and storage
Data de-duplication / data compression
Protects data regardless of platform, application, architecture, or storage
Features & Key Benefits
  • Achieve continuous availability when high uptime is absolutely critical
  • Stop worrying DR planning and operations
  • Stop investing in IT infrastructure and human resources
  • Regularly ensure that your DR is working
  • Online access to DR status and reports