Microsoft Azure Stack

Microsoft Azure Stack

Adopt the Cloud on Your Own Terms,

in Your Own Data Center.

Gaining the Best of Both Worlds

Who said that legacy systems don’t get a chance for cloud transformation? Whether you are running a heavy local legacy system or constricted by local hosting regulatory requirements Microsoft Azure Stack allows you to leverage the power of cloud computing and the security of your own on premises solutions and systems.

What is Microsoft Azure Stack?

Microsoft’s Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud computing software solution based on the Azure cloud platform. Azure Stack is designed to help organizations deliver Azure cloud services from their own data center.

Deploy on Azure Stack With LDC

We are the first provider in Egypt offering Azure Stack Cloud Services inside our datacenters. As a pioneer in the data center world and in deploying and managing cloud solutions, LDC has safely led hundreds of businesses of all sizes across the Middle East reap the limitless benefits of moving to the cloud. We ensure no downtime, superior 24/7 local support and access to certified Microsoft experts.

What will you get with Microsoft Azure Stack Hosting?

Database Consilidation & Migration


Fully Secured Environment

Data Sovereignty

Privacy & Protection


Hybrid Cloud Applications

Hybrid Cloud Applications

SOC as a Service

Disaster Recovery & Backup

24/7 Dedicated Support

24/7 Dedicated Support

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