Azure Public Cloud service

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A cloud service is a third-party service over the Internet to be available to anyone who wants to use it or buy it and is available for ordering either by storage or consumption. It relies on cloud computing, a technology that relies on the transfer of processing and storage space of the computer to the so-called cloud, a server that is accessed through the Internet. IT programs turn from products to services.
Azure Public Cloud is distinguished by:
Reduce the cost that the company will pay to purchase, manage and maintain a private cloud service, where the cloud service provider manages and maintains the system.
Public cloud service can be deployed faster than private cloud services, with an unlimited, manageable platform .
Any employee of the company can use the same application from any office or branch of the company using any device connected to the Internet.
Applying public cloud services correctly makes them as safe as private cloud services if the service provider uses the right security.
The Azure cloud service enables you to create, test and manages applications and services through a global network of datacenters managed by Microsoft to provide a number of services including:
Virtual Machines: Azure gives you virtual machines the flexibility to virtualize a wide range of computing solutions, run applications and expand your datacenter. You can manage thousands of Windows and Linux devices.
Application Service: Azure allows you to create applications faster through a cloud service to create enterprise applications for the Internet and phones for any platform or device, and deploy them to a sophisticated and reliable infrastructure.
SQL Database: Azure SQL Database is a service that allows you to create and quickly extend related applications in the cloud service.
Storage: The Azure cloud service stores many data, such as Blob storage, Table Storage, and files.
Backup: Azure Backup protects the Windows Server and shared file data.
Manage API: This feature allows you to deploy application interfaces to developers, partners, and employees safe and on a large scale.
Azure Cosmos DB: A database service for NoSQL documents that provide queries and transaction processing in unplanned data, predictable performance, reliable and fast development.
Azure Service Health: which gives you personal guidance and support when you experience any problems with the Azure service.
Apply Azure to your phone.
Cost Management: With Azure’s cost management, you can manage your cloud service expenses transparently and accurately, helping you make the most of Azure and other cloud services by providing tools to monitor, customize, and improve your cloud service.